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Whether you’re a start-up, an e-commerce, or an agency, our pricing caters for whatever your needs. From simple designs to complex projects.




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Frequently Asked Questions

Got any questions? We’ve got answers
Why should I choose your services instead of hiring a full-time designer?

That’s an insightful question! Back in 2021, hiring a seasoned designer full-time in major European cities could cost anywhere between €60,000 to €80,000 annually, not considering additional benefits. And that’s if you manage to find the right talent ready to jump on board. Plus, there’s the challenge of fluctuating workloads, which might mean paying a consistent salary even during periods with less design work.

Our adaptable monthly service plan is your solution. Tailor your subscription in line with your needs, ensuring you only spend on design expertise when it’s absolutely crucial.

Is there a cap on the number of design requests I can make?

After subscribing, you have the freedom to populate your queue with any number of design tasks. Our team will tackle and deliver them in sequence.

How quickly can I expect my designs?

Typically, the majority of requests are finalized within a span of two days. That said, intricate designs might require a bit more time to perfect.

Who's behind the design work?

We’re a trio of specialists, each honed in our respective areas. Yet, for seamless interaction and clarity, you’ll liaise directly with just one of us. This approach ensures smooth communication and eliminates potential mix-ups.

How is the subscription pausing function utilized?

We recognize that design needs can be sporadic. There might be times when you only require a couple of designs for the month. This is where our pause option becomes beneficial.

Our billing operates on a 31-day cycle. For instance, if you enlist our services and only utilize them for 21 days before opting to pause, your billing, too, halts. This leaves you with 10 days’ worth of service that you can activate whenever you need in the future.

How can I place a design request?

Our platform provides multiple avenues for you to articulate your design needs through Trello. Clients often submit requests straight from Trello, integrate Google documents or wireframes, or even use a brief Loom video for those who’d rather vocalize than jot down their requirements. In essence, if it can be linked or incorporated into Trello, we’re all set to receive it.

What happens if the design doesn't resonate with me?

Fear not! We’re committed to refining the design as many times as needed to ensure you’re entirely content with the outcome.

What if my design needs are just a one-off?

No problem at all. Once your request is fulfilled, you can simply pause your subscription and resume whenever you have more design tasks. You won’t lose out on any unused portion of your subscription; it’s there for you whenever you’re ready.

Can I request a refund if the service doesn't meet my expectations?

Considering the premium caliber of our outputs, we don’t offer refunds. 


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